The Beautiful City Palampur

Palampur is a hill station and a municipal corporation situated in the Kangra District in the Indian state of Himachal Pradesh. It is surrounded by pine forests and flanked by the Dhauladhar ranges. There are numerous streams flowing from the mountains to the plains, from Palampur. The combination of greenery, snowclad mountains and water gives Palampur a distinctive look.

Palampur is located in the Kangra Valley. It is a famous hill station and was once a part of the Jalandhar kingdom. The town came into being when Dr. Jameson, the superintendent of Botanical Gardens, introduced the tea bush from Almora in 1849. The bush thrived in the climatic conditions of Palampur and became the focal point of the European tea estate owners with an exception of the famous Wah Tea Estate which was owned by Nawab Muhammad Hayat Khan and his descendants, until 1947. Since then, the Kangra tea of Palampur has become internationally renowned.

Palampur is a state legislative constituency in Himachal Pradesh. Lala Kanhiya Lal Butail, was the first representative of Palampur. Palampur is the hometown of the senior BJP leader and former Chief Minister Shanta Kumar. Congress and the Bhartiya Janata Party are the dominant political parties. BJP leaders from Palampur include Ch. Sarvan Kumar, Praveen Sharma and Shiv Kumar. For Congress, the Butail family has been significant. Kunj Behari Lal Butail served as an MLA for over a decade and was the first Pradesh Congress Committee President. The current MLA is Ashish Butail.


Our Respected Officers

Dr. Ashish Sharma, HPAS


Sh. Vikas Sharma, HPAS

Additional Commissioner

Sh. Gopal Chand Nag


Sh. Raj Kumar

Deputy Mayor

Contact List

Sr.No. Name Desiganation Mobile
1 Dr. Ashish Sharma, HPAS Commissioner 7018299681
2 Sh. Vikas Sharma, HPAS Additional Commissioner 8091253331
3 Er. Abhinav Saklani Executive Engineer 8894106949
4 Sh. Puneet Guleria, H.P.F.A.S. Section Officer 9459668486
5 Er. Kalyan Kumar Bhatt Assistant Engineer 8544729327
6 Sh. Aman Sapeia Planning Officer 9418650668
7 Sh. Lalit Katoch Junior Engineer 9418469169
8 Smt. Rajni Sood Clerk 85808-14887
9 Sh. Suresh Patial Clerk 9418111469
10 Smt. Rimple Sharma Clerk (on Deputation) 8679266241
11 Sh. Surinder Kumar Pump Operator 8219767883
12 Sh. Trilok Bhatt Junior Engineer (Out Source Basis) 9418125390
13 Sh. Rohit Kumar Junior Engineer (Out Source Basis) 9459643081
14 Sh. Ashvik Kapoor Junior Engineer (Out Source Basis) 8278886164
15 Sh. Sushil Kumar Junior Engineer (Out Source Basis) 9418218211
16 Sh. Prem Singh Junior Draughtsman (Out Source Basis) 8894866102
17 Sagar Sanitary Supervisor (Out Source Basis) 8219090490
18 Vishal Kapoor Sanitary Supervisor (Out Source Basis) 8628979733
19 Priyanaka Community Organizer (Out Source Basis) 7807315213
20 Priyanaka Data Entry Operator (Out Source Basis) 9418022919
21 Sumiksha JOA (IT) (Out Source Basis) 7807312649
22 Komal Tandon JOA (IT) (Out Source) 7590875172
23 Kavita Devi JOA (IT) (Out Source) 9816623238
24 Anuradha Data Entry Operator (Out Source) 8219654021
25 Pawna Devi Data Entry Operator (Out Source Basis) 8894344822
26 Babita Dev JOA A(IT) (Out Source) 7560036867